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     Hey! I'm Jecha Dangerfield!

(Yes, that's really my last name!) 

The self-proclaimed badass fairy brand-mother, a creative “godparent” who gives you guidance and support as you embark on this unfamiliar journey through entrepreneurial parenthood. 


I absolutely love the challenge of turning doodles into designs and ideas into innovation, all while keeping your vision close and your baby protected I want to see them grow up and change the world just as I would my own!  


With your best interest at heart and a cup of coffee in hand, I’m hard at work in Photoshop + Illustrator , building your badass brand!

I'm a tech savvy, creative who also doubles as a mom to one cool little dude. I graduated from Louisiana State University in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. Art has always been my passion and I have found a new light in helping small business show up and thrive in the entrepreneurial world.

     Danger Art + Design

 is a passion project that turned into an amazing business. 

Being a creative entrepreneur has enabled me to connect with and spark creativity in other small businesses, just like Danger Art + Design. Helping others take their dreams and bring them to life, while playing a small role in the creation of some amazing and thriving brands is what keeps me driven and enthusiastic about my job!